The Prophet Described

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If you were asked to describe the appearance of the Prophet Muhammad (S), what would you say? The Prophet Described weaves together classical accounts of the appearance and character of Allah’s finest creation, using the narrations of those closest to...


Taken from the words of those closest to him...

By taking the authentic accounts of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (S), we've ensured your child will capture the full flavour and feel of the Prophet's (S) description from traditional sources.

Rarely discussed, few experience these treasures...

This book presents you with a rare glimpse into the wondrous world known as 'Ash-Shama'il Al-Muhammadiyyah', the description and attributes of the Prophet Muhammad (S). Whether you've studied this subject before or not, you'll be left in awe of Allah's finest creation.

Rhyming words.

Flowing text.
The perfect story.

With the subject of this book being so beautiful, the words it was written in had to match. Crafted especially for children, yet staying true to their meaning, the descriptions have been weaved into an engaging story of a mother and son on a journey discovering their beloved.