The Month of Mercy

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Have you ever paused to consider why Ramadan is called the month of mercy? Well, among the reasons is the fact that Allah (SWT) gives us numerous opportunities for deep personal and spiritual growth during this special month. In this book, we introduce two lessons related to fasting.

Our first lesson is about reliance on Allah (SWT). We feel hunger and thirst, but our Lord does not. We fall ill and require healing, but Allah (SWT) is completely without needs. In the story, “Calling for the Cure,” Shireen realizes this when she catches a virus and turns to Allah (SWT) for help in getting the medicine for it.

Our second lesson teaches that Ramadan is a time when we can focus on spiritual sustenance over material sustenance. In the story, “Feed Your Soul,” Amin learns that in the same way that we need to feed our body through eating and drinking, we also must feed our soul through worship.