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Modesty is the virtue of being moderate and bashful, and of having shame, honor, and humility. In Islam, we use the word haya’ to describe modesty, and it also means conducting one’s self with grace, being God-conscious, and having pious shyness from committing religious indiscretions.

In this book, we teach that modesty, haya’, is a multi-dimensional approach to life -- one that encompasses dress, thought, manner, and conduct. It is gender-neutral and starts inwardly, from the heart, and not outwardly, from the hemline. 

The first lesson we teach is that by dressing modestly we are obeying Allah (SWT) and trusting His wisdom. In the story, “I’ve Got You Covered,” Amin is trying out for the Maple Grove Swim Relay, but the other boys make fun of his modest swimwear. With the right support, Amin maintains his modest clothing, while not compromising his skill in swimming.

The second lesson we focus on is that modesty is about having pious shyness from committing religious indiscretions, in private and in public. This matters because what a person puts into their body, mind, and soul (in other words, what he or she consumes) will ultimately affect what comes out of them.