Sharing is Caring

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Sharing is tough. Just ask Iblis or Cain. Why can sharing be so difficult? It has something to do with pride and envy.

“I am better than [Adam]. You created me from fire, and created him from clay,” Iblis petitions to Allah (SWT) in the Holy Qur’an. Before earning the name Satan, Iblis was a notable servant of Allah (SWT). However, pride, the feeling of being superior to another, led him to envy the noble status given to mankind. This pushed Iblis to disobey Allah’s (SWT) command, and earn a place in the pits of hell for eternity.

Envy, or hasad, often results from pride. Envy is a malicious form of jealousy, in which one desires the loss of another’s blessing. This vicious disease can cause individuals to commit vile actions, as demonstrated when Cain killed his brother Able (SAW). Prophet Mohammed (SAW) warns against envy, saying “Envy consumes one’s faith like fire consumes wood.”

So how can we protect ourselves from pride and envy? First, we must recognize the harm caused by these diseases and quell the sources. In our first story, “Vote for Me,” Asad learns that envy and pride can do incredible damage, not just to himself but also to his best friend. He learns to protect himself from the negative ideas that he concocts himself, as well as from those that are relayed to him through others.

Second, we must realize that Allah’s (SWT) blessings are unlimited. In the second story, “Pride and Painting,” Amira begins to feel envy after another student is honored. However, she discovers that blessings from Allah (SWT) are unlimited, and that both she and her friend can be blessed. All Amira has to do is pray.