Goodness Gracious

Books for Kids


Do you remember the last time someone was kind to you or you were kind to someone else? That feeling of care and compassion is something that truly stays with you. Showing empathy and consideration for others is powerful because it can set off a chain reaction of goodness.

In the story, “Surprising Kindness,” Amira is greatly misjudged by her friend, but she chooses to show empathy to resolve the issue rather than reciprocating the unkindness. In the end, she learns that while compassion can be difficult to exercise in the moment, it is beautiful and effective in strengthening her friendship.

Our second lesson teaches the idea of never underestimating the power of kindness, no matter how small the act may seem.  In the story, “The Words We Speak,” Amin is in for a great surprise when a stranger with whom he had a brief encounter years before knocks on his door and returns his kindness.